Psychic Medium Victoria Alvarado


Basic Crystal Grid Healing Service

Aura Balancing crystal grid

this body crystal grid is used to balance the energy and layers of the aura. the root chakra crystals will help anchor the aura. when your aura is too large, you can take on everyone else's energy and emotions. when it is too close to the body, you may feel invisible to others or opportunities will pass you by.

please provide a photo with full name or just provide full name it will be placed in the middle of the grid for healing purposes

Aura Clearing Crystal Grid

this body crystal grid is used to cleanse the aura of negative or harmgul energies. it will draw out any energies that do not belong to you or serve your highest good. this crystal grid service is often used whenever you feel weighed down after a stressful or bad day.

this can also be used for pets.
please send a photo or provide full name of the person needing this service. it will be placed in the center of the crystal grid.

Cleanse Home crystal grid

this location crystal grid will cleanse the energy of your home or just one room. the crystals used in this grid work help keep your space clear of negative, harmful or out of balance energies. This service is useful if the atmosphere feels heavy, if there has been a lot of illness or a run of bad luck.

this can also be used to clear a vehicle, office space, apartments, trailer homes, or land.

I will need the physical address to place in the middle of the crystal grid to connect to the space that needs to be cleared

Faith & Hope Crystal Grid

this crystal grid will help increase your faith and bring hope. clients can request this grid when you feel like giving up on something or when you lack faith that a situation will ever improve. this crystal grid will help chase away feelings of doubt and fear and instill trust that things will work out for the best.

please send an affirmation of your intention along with your full name so it can be placed under the central stone.

Healing Crystal Grid

this grid can be used to send healing energy to someone. the crystal grid will bring in multiple rays of healing light to those in need. It can be used on yourself or anyone that requests healing over a period of time.
it can be used when you are ill or after an operation to support the healing process.

send a written affirmation of your intention. a photo of yourself or the person needing healing in good health. along with full name so it can be placed under the central stone when doing grid work

Home Blessing Grid

this location crystal grid is used to bless your home or just one room. the grid brings in positive high vibration spiritual energies to the location and those that live there. Blessing your home keeps away negative or unwanted energies and welcomes new opportunities to enter.
you can bless your home when you move into a new place or at any time you wish.

Tip: for best effect your should cleanse the space first before opting for this crystal grid to be set for you.

send in a drawn out layout of your home, or send in photo with physical address which will be placed in the center of the crystal grid.

Karma Release Crystal Grid

this crystal grid is used to work through and release old karma. it will helpyou resolve repeating patterns in situations or relationships. this grid will help you move on from troublesome relationships, taking with you only the lessons learned. you will still need to take steps towards resolving conflicts or breaking negative habits.

send in a written affirmation of your intention along with your full name so it can be placed in the central stone during the healing process.

New Beginnings/ Road opener crystal grid

looking for a fresh start? this grid can help you with new projects or making big life changes. this crystal grid can be useful during personal transitions and when taking brave new steps in your life. a special deity will also be called upon to help open doors and remove obstacles that maybe standing in the way.

perfect for new job, new move, for couples that are starting a new relationship or marriage.

send in affirmation of your intention along with your full name so it can be placed in the center of the grid.

overcome obstacles crystal grid

this crystal grid can help you overcome obstacles, break through stubborn blocks to goals, ambitions or any situation. these barriers can be lifted, help may appear or new paths around walls could be created.

send in your affirmation of your intention with your full name.

Personal Healing Crystal Grid

this crystal grid is used for supporting health and healing. it will draw out stagnant energies and bring in healing energy.
uses this service when you are ill , recovering from an illness, feel run down or when your immune system is weak.

send in a photo of yourself with full name or just full name is required.

Protection Crystal Grid

This Regular crystal grid can be used for spiritual and psychic protection. select this service to protect yourself, your family, loved ones or someone else. An army of crystals will shield and protect you from all forms of harm. if protecting someone else or your family, you will need to send in a photo, full name and write an affirmation of your intention.

Psychic Attack Shield Crystal Grid

if you are experiencing a psychic attack, select this grid to activate an emergency shield of protection around you if you sense that someone is sending you harmful thoughts or energies. This crystal grid will shield you from the negative energies and break the connection. This grid can be repeated when needed. If the situation is ongoing please schedule a standard or premium service to cut the cords and have your body scanned for all forms of negative energetic connections.

send in photo and full name or just your name so it can be placed in the center of the crystal grid

Standard healing service

Remove Ghosts,Entities, And Dark Spirits

I will clear an area of your choice from all disembodied spirits, and evil entities. You may feel like something or some one is following your every move, if you see ghosts, dark shadows, experiene sleep paralysis, or sense something negative is around, you don't have to continue to be tormented by this dark energy, it can be cleared and removed from you personally or from your property.
During this session I will connect to either your energy, energy of the person that needs the clearing or connect to your business or home that needs entities and dark spirits removed.

during purchase let me know if this is for your home, business, a specific person or yourself.

in order to connect to the energy i need the home/business address, your full name or full name of the person that is being cleared.

after the clearing you will feel like a huge weight has been lifted